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With an experience spanning over two decades in both public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy Akin Afolabi is altogether a generalist in public relations and marketing.

Because of his varied experience and his travels far and wide, he has, on many occasions been instrumental to time tested and result oriented success stories in Africa and the world at large. His charm and amiability has earned him friends all over the world. He holds a 1982 Bachelors degree (with honors) in Philosophy and 1988 Master of Science( Political Science) specializing in International Relations from the prestigious Universities of Lagos and Ibadan respectively in Nigeria, West Africa.

After serving internship as the Special Assistant (Protocol and House matters) to the Clerk of the then Federal House of Representatives, he was requested to join the Presidency in 1983 as a Federal Information Officer in Ibadan, a political hotbed in the southwestern part of Nigeria where he proved his mettle in image making for the Federal Government for almost a decade at a time when government image was plummeting to a low ebb. In this process he served as the Secretary to the Federal Information Chapter and two-time Assistant Secretary to the State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).  These positions were to make him rub shoulders with the nationís media gurus.

He later took up appointment with one of the strongest banks in the country, Wema Bank, as the Head of the Public Relations Department having a brief stint with the Public Sector Department where he was called on different occasions to assist in breaking communication barriers in government circles. This period in the financial sector enabled him to work and relate with giants in the banking, advertising and marketing industries and also took him to many places around the world including over 20 States in USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and many African countries. His stay in the bank recorded increased clientele and profit through positive image the bank projected. An excellent team player and a good mixer with performance driven track record he also has a working knowledge of French language, which stands him out in public relations and marketing efforts.


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